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District of Piaseczno – tourism & leisure

Rich history, the beauty of nature and highly developed tourist infrastructure make the district of Piaseczno a perfect place for relax and leisure. Everybody can find here something to enjoy. Admirers of historic sites and monuments, wild nature lovers, horse riders and tennis players, those who prefer bicycle trips, hiking or angling – nobody will be bored here.

Surrounded by history

A car or bicycle trip around the district of Piaseczno can be an unforgettable journey in time. Such a journey can start in Czersk, the former capital city of the region of Masovia. One can find here the ruins of the Gothic Castle of the Dukes of Masovia, picturesquely situated on the Vistula river escarpment. Near Czersk, there is Góra Kalwaria, which used to bear the name of Nowa Jerozolima, i.e. New Jerusalem. The town was established in the 17th century by Stefan Wierzbowski, the Bishop of Poznań, as a pilgrimage centre. Today, visitors can see the Baroque church that formerly belonged to the St Bernardine Order, the Church on the Hill (Kościół na Górce – formerly called the Pilate’s Chapel) and the St Anthony’s Chapel, as well as the Cenacle, with the relics of Blessed Father Stanisław Papczyński, the founder of the Congregation of Marian Fathers.

In the 19th century, Góra Kalwaria became an important centre of Hasidic Judaism. In the period of the Second Polish Republic, the fame of Abraham Alter, a tzadik living in the town, attracted thousands of pilgrims to Góra Kalwaria. They travelled to the town by narrow gauge railroad line from Warsaw through Piaseczno, which have not been preserved until today.

However, everyone who would like to try a trip by a 100-years-old narrow gauge train should go to Piaseczno. The train for tourists departs from the station called Piaseczno Miasto Wąskotorowe.

In Piaseczno, one should visit a Gothic St Anna’s Parish Church and the neighbouring Classicist Town Hall in the Town Square or take a walk to Zalesie Dolne – a housing estate established during the interwar period and arranged according to the “garden city” principles. The original arrangement of the estate of Zalesie has been preserved until today.

Konstancin was founded as a suburban summer resort over 100 years ago. New owners of numerous old villas and mansions are restoring their original beauty. An example of a particularly successful mixture of history and modernity is the adaptation of the old paper factory buildings into a stylish shopping mall. The town has the status of a health resort, particularly renowned for its graduation tower in the spa park. Near Konstancin, there is a village called Obory. In the palace surrounded by a picturesque park, there used to be the Artists’ Retreat of the Polish Writers’ Union, visited by many outstanding writers.

One of the most interesting historic sites of the district of Piaseczno is the St Nicholas Church in Tarczyn, built in the beginning of the 16th century. The history of Tarczyn dates back to the 13th century, when a local fair was organised by the river that is known today as Tarczynka. The town was conferred civic rights in 1353. In another town – Prażmów, one can visit the 19th-century church and the brick mansion, surrounded by the old park, built by Franciszek Ryx. Travelling around the commune of Lesznowola, an attentive tourist will not miss a transmitting station of the Polish Radio in Łazy, constructed in 1931. The station was the highest mast in the world at that time. One should also visit Kosów and Jastrzębiec, with the remnants of old parks, facilities and buildings that used to belong to large manor houses. Those areas are currently under supervision of the Animal Genetics and Breeding Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Active means interesting

The district of Piaseczno offers perfect conditions for active leisure. The 200-kilometre network of tourist trails, appropriately signed and maintained in excellent condition, will lead hikers to the most interesting sites in the area. Hiking trails are also perfect for cycling trip. Moreover, cyclists can choose between three signed cycling routes, connecting Piaseczno, Góra Kalwaria and Konstancin-Jeziorna. The routes are well connected with Warsaw bus lines and the Warsaw – Radom railway line.

Admirers of wild nature will delight in the beauty of forests in the area of the Chojnowski Natural Landscape Park. There are 14 natural reserves in the district, including Uroczysko Stephana (Stephan’s Range), Skarpa Oborska (Escarpment in Obory), Biele Chojnowskie, Skarpa Jeziorki, Łoś and Chojnów. The ponds near Żabieniec will be particularly interesting for those who are interested in the life of birds. There are also numerous fishing venues for anglers. One of the most popular places for weekend trips is Zalesie Górne – there is a leisure centre with a swimming pool and a lake, where you can rent a boat, angle or swim.

Tennis players and horse riders can visit numerous tennis and horse riding clubs. There are also modern in-door swimming pools in Piaseczno, Góra Kalwaria and Konstancin-Jeziorna.

The district has a well-developed network of bed & breakfasts and small hotels. Guests can also visit agritourism farms. Everyone can find a place to stay and eat something delicious.

We cordially invite you to the district of Piaseczno!

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